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Wax Removal


Waxing is the perfect semi-permanent hair removal. Most people will be hair free for 2-6 weeks depending on an individual's hair growth pattern and recent hair removal techniques. Some people find the waxing process painful but you can be assured Elaine is highly trained, making sure your waxing treatment is swift and as painless as possible. Elaine understands during some waxing treatments such as Lycon intimate waxing you may feel a little exposed but will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable.

Bright Manicure and Lipstick

Gel Polish Manicures & Pedicures

Gel polish provides weeks of lasting colour, making healthier, stronger natural nails. They dry instantly and won't smudge, leaving a stunning mirror finish shine. Available in an array of over 50 colours with options for added glitter, french polish and nail art!

Spray Tan

With added vitamins, antioxidants, and hydrating oils, the award winning Sunescape enriches the skin. Giving you a natural looking and feeling tan. Also with anti-ageing and skin firming ingredients it leaves your skin smooth and replenished. Using natural ingredients the Sunescape formula is FREE from alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals, and animal cruelty.
Choose from 3 stunning shades - 
Weekend in Bondi, Week in Fiji or Month in Maui
Where will your tan take you?!

tan couple

Aromatherapy Associates Facials

We offer a comprehensive selection of facials to suit every clients individual needs.
With the rejuvenating properties of essential oils the skins condition is improved and the complexion is naturally radiant. This is combined with specialised aromatherapy pressure points massage techniques to release stress and tone muscles. 
The effect is the skin, mind and emotions are balanced and revitalised.

Aromatherapy Associates Massage

"True aromatherapy uses essential oils at therapeutic levels.

On an emotional level, the aromas of essential oils have a dynamic effect. The sense of smell i the most primitive of our senses and is linked to the deepest parts of the brain which govern basic instincts, memories and emotions.

On a physical level, because essential oils are made up of very small molecules, they are able to penetrate into our bllodstream and can help many problems...(e.g.) ease muscular aches and pains, improve circulation and ease sinus congestion."

Geraldine Howard, Co-Founder of Aromatherapy Associates

Hot Stone Massage


Welcome to a new way of thinking about your body! Too often, massage treatments are considered a luxury and are not treated as a practical way of relieving body tension and stress.

Through the undeniable power of touch, you’ll experience a results-oriented massage like never before. From Elaine's Signature Massage using soothing Hawaiian and Tahitian techniques, to the firmer Deep Tissue or Bamboo Massage, or even a heated Molten Lava Stone Massage - you are sure to find the best massage for your needs while delivering an amazing sensory experience.

Relaxing Paraffin Wax

Imagine trails of warm Paraffin Wax painting away the tension. The Paraffin Wax Muscle Melt Back treatment helps to ease joint and muscle pain whilst simultaneously relaxing mind and body.This truly unique experience of paraffin wax application can also be added to your Manicure or Pedicure treatments. It's warming, relaxing, softening, hydrating, pampering, and luxurious. It can ease arthritic conditions!

Church Candles
Woman with Red Lipstick

Youngblood Mineral Make-Up

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics uses pure, natural minerals finely milled for a weightless, adjustable coverage; with a soft, luxurious feel and finish. Vegan formulas. Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.
The result sees the skin appearing flawless whilst achieving a more natural look.
The Youngblood Make-Up is available to purchase as well as booking a service.


Lash Extensions & Lifts

Individual, Russian Volume and Express Lash Extensions are applied to your own natural eyelash in your desired length and thickness.  Correctly and easily maintained your lash extensions can last the lifetime of your natural eyelashes with an infill appointment every 2-3 weeks.  Perfect for holidays, parties and everyday wear.

If you are still wanting the WOW factor without using Lash Extensions, then a Lash Lift and Tint is for you! A Lash Lift gives the appearance of longer, thicker lashes with a natural flutter. Results will last for approximately 6-8 weeks.

A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to a Lash Lift.

Long Lashes

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